Monday, June 18, 2007

I Haven't Packed Yet

I have started a little but not in earnest. I am waiting for the Spirit to lead me, and He just hasn't yet. I've been doing things to prepare for packing, but I haven't actually packed. I have cleaned. I have sorted. I have given away. I have thrown out. I have organized. I have collected boxes.

If I had packed right away - you know, when we thought we were going to move, - I would be very sad right now. We would be sitting here on a pile of boxes thinking that we should have been gone by now and wondering if we should unpack or continue waiting for a closing date. I still feel like we are moving, just not yet.

The new mortgage broker said that she thought it would be the middle of July before we could get everything together. I can live with that. Both kids will be very occupied that first week of July. I can get serious about packing things then. Besides, there is always more cleaning and sorting to do.

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