Monday, June 4, 2007

My New Love

I am in love. As I am preparing to move, I am taking the opportunity to clean everything that is coming with us as thoroughly as possible. I borrowed my sister's Little Green Machine to clean the couches. Oh. My. I had never used one of these handy little devices. I have used it on everything imaginable: couches, recliner, mattresses, car carpeting. Even the things that didn't look that bad produced the vilest gunk when I vacuumed them. I will never have to borrow this honey of a machine again. I will be getting one ASAP. Thank you, Lisa, for letting me see for myself how deep my dirt really is.

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Beth said...

Hey...Thanks for the info. I love your review and I'm SOLD!!! I'm now going to go get one too. I need to clean 2 ivory upholstered swivel rockers in my bedroom & am now relieved to know how. Also have MUCH more to clean besides those 2 chairs...cats sleep on everything. THANKS!