Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cool Weather

Today was one of those days when it is fun to live in SE Texas. Despite the oppressively hot temperatures, and perhaps because of them, we have some really cool weather here.

Today was the kind of day where you can sit on your porch swing and enjoy the shining sun and the cool breeze - if you don't mind the occasional clap of thunder and the approaching ominous clouds. I love these clouds. They are dark as slate, but all billowy like the fluffy white cumulus clouds you are used to seeing. There is contrast of light and dark.

If you are brave enough to stand out in a clear area where you can really see the sky, you are treated to the variety of weather in the area. Look west and you will see blue sky and white clouds. Look east and you would think the world is about ready to end. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Jesus emerging out of some of the skies I have seen. Now that would be cool.

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Michelle Potter said...

That *would* be cool. :)