Monday, September 24, 2007

Harvest Time

Because we were planning on moving this summer, I did precious little in the yard other than dig up things that I wanted to take with me. Fortunately, I had a large basil bush volunteer from last year's bunch.

It has made not moving and not having anything fun going on in the yard a little more bearable.

Today I decided it was harvest time. I chopped the bush back significantly. See.

Not bad considering I didn't even plant any basil this year. It has been washed and is not sitting in my oven with only the light on. This keeps it warm enough to dry it out but not so hot that it cooks it. The best part is, with the weather in these here parts, that same bush will probably sprout new growth and we will be in the fresh basil business again soon. Did someone say bruschetta?

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New Diva on the Blog said...

That is some beautiful basil! Wish I could say mine looked as good this year. I had to start over with a new plant on my windowsill. Hope I can keep it alive on my windowsill this winter.