Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I have a poll on the left of the blog. Please take a look at it and vote. I'm trying to figure out a few things. Thanks.


Michelle Potter said...


I just realized that after you commented on my blog about wondering whether MySpace was complicated, I answered you and then took my blog down without giving you a chance to see my answer! I was just going to say that MySpace is not very difficult to figure out; it's just yet another account to deal with.

BTW, I just got an email saying "Julie" is inviting me to sign up for MySpace. Is that you? If so, go to my MySpace profile and click "Be My Friend" (in the second block down on the left). That will make us friends. Or give me the link to your profile, and I will befriend you. :)

Michelle Potter said...

Oh, PS, I voted on your poll yesterday, I think. I'm not sure what day it was... But I know I voted! :)

Julie said...

No, that wasn't me. I guess I need to get on MySpace and register. I miss reading your blog. : (