Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where Babies Come From - Part 6 - A Lesson in Patience and Trust

Finally, the day came for me to exhale. But, surprise, it wasn’t the scheduled day! Because of my history and a previous surgery I had, my doctor had scheduled me a C-section the week before my due date. Sometimes God doesn’t make us wait.

It was a Friday night. We attended the birthday party of a good friend and another good friend’s daughter. We were all part of the same band and they shared a birthday. We didn’t need much of a reason to have a party anyway, but this was a great excuse.

I was uncomfortable for most of the party. Having never experienced childbirth before, I just figured it was because I was absolutely huge and there was no comfortable position no matter what I did. The baby just wouldn’t sit still. After we got home I even sat in the rocker and tried to calm the baby down. I rocked and rocked and finally gave up. I went to bed.

I was suddenly awakened at about 1:30 in the morning. I sat up in bed and thought, “Oh, how embarrassing. I wet the bed!” Then more fluid came rushing and I realized that it was not what I thought it was. My water broke!

Part 7

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