Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ahhh.....that's better

I've been complaining about our mid 80's temps. We had a front blow in last night and it was delightfully cooler this morning.

That's what I like. Delightfully cooler. I don't like cold. Well, maybe for a day here and there, but not for months on end. That's convenient. Where I live, we are lucky to get cold at all. But cold is a relative thing. It dips below 60 here and people start pulling out the woolens and hot cocoa.

I would be one of those people. : )

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Maria said...

Holy crap. It got up to a HIGH of 39 in Michigan today. I'm in Arizona right now for work, and am heading back tomorrow. I don't want to go!!! They're talking snow! Now THAT's freakin' cold.