Saturday, November 3, 2007

Room For Everyone

There has been a lot of press lately about who had what idea first.


Look, kids have been refusing to eat real food since the dawn of time. Moms have been trying to figure out ways to get real food into them without them knowing it. Two women have actually written cookbooks to share some of their ideas on doing this.

I don't know which one is the chicken and which one is the egg, but I think both have good ideas and we all need a little help with the kids. (And I know more than a few adults who could benefit from a vegetable or two!)

I have had a link to the Sneaky Chef on my site for awhile. I hadn't heard of Jessica Seinfeld until recently, but after looking at her site I thought I would give her some extra exposure, too. (I know, like she needs help from me.) In any case, hop on over to Deceptively Delicious and get some veggies into you kids.


Maria said...

We don't have kids, and we eat pretty healthy foods. What I'm waiting for is a cookbook that shows you how to slip some chocolate into your salads and veggies! LOL



CityStreams said...

I posted about this very same thing yesterday! So have you tried any of these recipes? I'm a little intimidated by the idea of pureeing food :o)
Thanks for stopping by my giveaway! The winner will be announced Monday. Feel free to drop by anytime :o)