Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Burden of Responsibility

My baby girl is takes everything very seriously. She is tenderhearted and very sensitive. And now she is burdened.

She has a pet dog named Princess. Princess is a lab mix. She really doesn't require that much attention, but she is ever present.

For Christmas, Missy got a Nintendo DS. One of the games she got with it was one of the Nintendogs games. If you are not familiar with it, you are truly missing out on a marvel of technology. It is essentially a collection of the cutest little virtual pets you have ever seen. The dogs are darling. You train them, clean them, feed them, walk them, dress them up in bows and hats and, yes, even lion's manes. She currently has 6 dogs on the game in her care.

She also got a stuffed animal that has an on-line life. It is an ePet. I haven't paid much attention to this one, but she seems to have fun with it.

Yesterday she was lamenting the fact that she has to take care of Princess, all the dogs on the DS, and she "hasn't visited her ePet in so long it is probably starving to death!" With school and chores, she is having a tough time keeping all of her plates spinning.

My poor child. Sort of. I have to smile. I hope she is learning some lessons now while most of her plates are virtual and no one will really starve to death if she ignores them. It is a new age and our lessons come in new forms. She is not the first person to think she can do it all and find out that she can't. Maybe she will learn early on to decide what is most important and focus on that. Maybe.

Right now she is in her room - alone - playing with her dolls and stuffed animals with nary a cord in sight. Maybe she already knows a few things.

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