Saturday, February 16, 2008

California Continued...

So we come home from the mountains for the wedding rehearsal. Can we turn this motley crew into something presentable?

It took a little longer than some would have hoped....

...but we did finish and everyone happily went to eat pizza and play games and contemplate the events of the next day.

The next day, we....

went to the zoo! Hey, we have 2 kids and nothing to do for a few hours. Our bodies are still 2 hours ahead of the local time. We decided to check out the local zoo. It was considerably smaller than our Houston Zoo, but it was very nice. The animals were celebrating Valentine's a little early and were given treats hidden in different containers. They were all very cooperative and let me take lots of pictures.

I really liked the cuckaburro.

He even let out a good laugh for us.

When we got home, we started getting ready for the wedding. Some of us weren't too thrilled with that process.

Tomorrow, the wedding.

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