Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm Leaving...

...and I'm taking the family with me.

We are heading to the land of fruits and nuts, (that's California), to witness the wedding of our beloved nephew, Honey Lamb.

It will be a first flight for our little Missy. She is quite excited.

It will also be my first flight since being diagnosed with an inner ear disorder. I'm a little anxious about all the cabin pressure changes. I have been trying to stay current on all my vitamins and nutritional supplements, but I still covet your prayers for a fun and uneventful trip. I would really hate to experience vertigo on the flight. The sight of a woman of a certain age laying on the floor vomiting is not pretty in any situation, but in the confines of an aircraft it seems particularly unappealing.

I will try to post while away, but we may just be having too much fun! Thank you for your prayers.

See you soon!