Friday, February 29, 2008

No Place But Texas

I love living in Texas. I'm sure other states are cool and fun, but there is a special kind of cool and a special kind of fun about Texas.

Today was Go Texan Day in Houston. That is the day all the trail riders come in for the start of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Yes, I said trail riders. Yes, it is the year 2008 and we have trail riders coming in to one of the largest cities in the U.S. of A. It is a sight to behold. Our city streets were filled with a different kind of traffic jam and I don't think anybody really minded.

You are just driving along when you see something a little different coming the other way.

And if all that wasn't enough fun for you, they stop along the way to have lunch.

Yes, the Ikea parking lot was full of horses, wagons, and cowboys. Some even had some really cool boots.

I thought this was pretty funny. Notice the wagon is outfitted with speakers on the back. And they have been eating Chick-fil-A! Where's the beef?

This little guy was so cute.

I may not be a Pioneer Woman, but at least I live in Texas!


Michelle said...

Love it! Makes me wistful for you-know-who. I wonder if my mom or Granny has any pictures of him in the parade.

I love Texas. (I love Houston!) I'm not big on the idea of living anywhere else.

Jubilee on Earth said...

Awesome post! I love those pics. I'm actually going to TX in April for the Texas Library Association. Every third year it's in Houston. This year it's in Dallas (last year was San Antonio).

Send some sun and warmth up our way!!! We got 5" of snow yesterday. :o(