Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

OK, it's not exactly "Wordless".

Here is a picture of something Missy built in the backyard. Try not to notice the gaping bare patches of grass. Spring is coming. Instead, I want you to get your creative juices flowing and see if you can get into the mind of a 7-year-old-little-girl-quasi-creative-genius and tell me what you think it is. Good luck. You might want to click it to make it big. Focus on the sticks in the ground. Sorry I haven't gotten a new photo editor since the crash.

I'm not sure what the winner will receive other than my complete and total admiration for their own creativity, but I'll think of something.


Michelle Potter said...

Is it a bed? Or a jail?

Jubilee on Earth said...

LOL -- okay, you KNOW that eventually the grass and such will grow up around it, so she MUST have been building a Secret Garden! With a timecapsule buried!



Jean @ Penny Lane said...

LOL at the comment is it bed or jail.

Have you read "Roxaboxen" by Barbara Cooney to her? I think she may like that book!