Sunday, April 6, 2008

Maiden Voyage

Just so everyone would be sure that we don't have a sane bone in our bodies, right after Christmas we bought an RV. But not just any RV. No, that would have been out of character for us. We bought a vintage RV. It's unlike anything you have ever seen on the road. It looks like this:

It has this really cool front end.

It looks like something out of Cars. I'm considering contacting Hollywood and letting them know we have it in case they want to rent it for some movie.

It has been receiving a few repairs, but this weekend we took it out for our first run. It did just great and we had a good time. I am not much for the whole camping scene and the girl shares my distaste for sharing my toilet with the local flora and fauna. This was a lovely compromise.

Our next outing will be as an entry in the Art Car Parade. If you are not familiar with the Art Car Parade, you must go check out their web site. We will be among the tamest of entries. It will be a long day, but we are looking forward to it. If you are in Houston on May 10th, stop by the parade and give us a wave. We'll be the ones in the Krager Kustom Koach.


Anonymous said...

Killer RV, I love it!!

Evan ;)

DKrager said...

This is my Grandfathers company that made this RV. His name is Eugene Krager. He resides in Austin, Texas now where most of his family is located. I am his Grandson, Dane Krager.

Julie said...


We have actually traded a couple of e-mails with Tom - your uncle? dad?
It's a cool, old RV. We are looking for more info about the company. If you have any, let us know.

Dane Krager said...

If you have this RV still, I would love to purchase it. Eugene died in December of '08 and I would love to figure out how to get something this special to have for his remembrance and for the family. He was an innovator and he worked so hard! Thank you for the consideration.

Dane Krager

Julie said...

Dane, Larry sent you an e-mail to your business gmail account. Let me know if you got it.

Tobias Thrash said...

Haha, this RV DOES look like it would fit right in as a character in “Cars!” I’d love to see pictures of the inside of the RV as well in order to see how vintage the interior is, too! Do you still have this RV? I was going to suggest having a proper toilet installed in it if you still have it, but haven’t already done so.

Rosalinda Rudloff said...

Oh, what a classic! It’s very common for me to see old cars since my husband is a vintage car enthusiast. Yet, it’s also very unusual for me to see a vintage RV. Yours was cool, huh! Compared to new ones, yours needs extra care and maintenance to keep it in good shape.