Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday's Tip

Today's tip: Hang your clothes on the line to dry.

I'm not sure why, but I just really wanted to say that today. It's not going to help you lose any weight. It's not going to make your life any less toxic. I don't think so anyway. But I really like to do it.

Drying your clothes outside uses much less energy than the dryer does, so it is good for the environment. I usually dry them on the line and then fluff 2 loads together in the dryer to get rid of the fuzz and dog hair. We have a lot of that. Labs. : )

It makes everything smell really good. Your sheets and clothes smell like sunshine.

It gives you an excuse to go outside every so often. If nothing else, you appreciate the a/c that much more!

Oh, and hey, lugging that laundry basket around is good exercise! There, that's a healthy aspect of line drying your clothes.

And yes, we have an extension ladder on the top of our clothes lines. Doesn't everyone?


Evan said...

You're right! A clothes drier is a very wasteful appliance! I use mine as little as possible! Why burn up a bunch of energy when the clothes can dry without any energy other than the sun?

Michelle said...

I actually don't understand why everyone likes line-dried clothes so much. In my experience the clothes end up stiff and scratchy, and smell sour.

YD's a little bit of everything place said...

I think if I line-dry my clothes Samantha would go nuts trying to pull them all down.
Like Michelle, I think the clothes end up stiff and scratchy and I don't like it.
I do line-dry(well not really, I hang them on the railing of the deck)all the doggie towels.

Razor Family Farms said...

It's also really fun to sit in the basket after hanging up all th clothes and let the wind blow the wet laundry all over you.

Not that I ever do that sort of thing.





Julie said...

Well, I totally disagree on the smell issue. I love the smell of clothes dried on the line. I do, however, understand about the stiff and scratchy. But the ten minutes in the dryer really helps with that.

Razor Family Farms said...

I like your extension ladder. It would be perfect for drying things on a hanger! What a great idea!



Tipper said...

Oh I love to go to bed on fresh sheets that have dried on the line! Smells like your sleeping on sunshine.