Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday's Tip

For today's tip I'm going to state the obvious that may be hidden: avoid high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

I was prompted by an ad I saw in the paper yesterday morning. It was from the people of all things corn encouraging us to get the facts about sweeteners.

Sorry. I don't agree with them. I think HFCS is one of those things that has become a normal and accepted part of our life in America that is also slowly eating away at our health. Of course, it only supplies empty calories like sugar, but it is more than that. HFCS interferes with the body's ability to absorb copper, a necessary mineral that creates hemoglobin in red blood cells. It is also suspected to increase cholesterol and heart disease as well as the incidence of diabetes.

You would never buy HFCS to put in things you bake, but it may be hidden in foods you buy. Now, I know you are buying fewer and fewer prepackaged products, ; ) , but you might be surprised to find it in some of the products you do buy.

While you expect to see it in sodas and drinks, it is also hiding in many baked goods. Yes, even some of your whole wheat and whole grain breads have HFCS. Check your cereal boxes, condiment labels, crackers, and cough syrups.

I found this list on-line. It will certainly give you a head start on what to avoid.

Now, a little bit certainly isn't going to kill you, but you do need to be aware that it is hiding out there in many foods. Just read your labels and make healthy choices.

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