Sunday, July 6, 2008

High Powered Holiday

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. We had a very busy weekend filled with fun, friends, and family.

While our Friday started out dreary with some pretty heavy rain, it all cleared out in time to meet out at my uncle's lake house for some good eating and good fun with our extended family. The highlight for me was talking with all the folks I don't get to see so often. Other people enjoyed other things more. Like hot shot here:

Little Miss would have spent her whole day on the jet ski if we let her.

It kept a big smile on her face.

The boy also had fun tooling around on the cooler/scooter.

We were then treated to a lovely sunset followed by fireworks off the dock. A good day.

Then came Saturday. But more on that later. I'm still trying to flush the excess adrenaline out of my body. : )

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Sounds like a fun Fourth of July you had!
Can't wait to find out what happened on Saturday.