Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Sense of Community

We had a minor crisis this month while I was away. It is nothing I will go into here, but suffice it to say that my inner circle was penetrated. My sense of reality was challenged. Someone came from the outside and tried to drag my family into her need for chaos. We are still dealing with it, but we are dealing with it. The first few days were exceptionally hard. That sense of attack has passed. Now we are simply on alert.

What I have found surprising during this time is my sense of community.

I have shared that we are a bit adrift right now. We left the congregation we had been apart of for 20 years. With that, we left seeing some of our dearest friends on a regular basis. While we are content at the neighborhood church we are now attending, we haven't really immersed ourselves in that community yet. Of course, we have family. And a few very close friends. We aren't alone, just not thick with friends right now.

However, despite this feeling of disconnectedness, when we were attacked I felt very connected. Although 99.9% of the people I know have no idea what we have been through, I felt during this time that I could have called on any number of them for help or support and they would have readily come to our aid. Both from the old and new community. I have felt protected by my network of people who love me and trust God. Together we would get through this.

We still don't know what the outcome of this whole mess will be, but I do know that God will get us through it. I know that I can lean on my friends, old and new, as well as my family. As hard as it has been, I wouldn't trade that renewed sense of community that I have felt for anything.

Thank you all for being there. Whether you are called on or not.

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tipper said...

Its nice to have folks you can depend on!