Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We are here! Our phone/internet service just came up!

Thanks to all for your prayers, thoughts, and concerns. We are alive and pretty well.

We came through the storm with minimal(?) damage. We have 5 pecan trees in our yard. I would say about half of the branches are now in the yard. Maybe not quite that much, but it is A LOT! They didn't hit anything on their way down, so we are good with that. Well, our trees didn't hit anything. Our neighbor's tree took out the side of a small trailer and the back window of one of our cars.

We did lose a few shingles off the roof that resulted in very little water damage.

We lost power about 10:30 Friday night. It returned very early in the morning Monday. Our neighbors on the other side of the street still don't have power.

We were without safe water from the tap for only a day or so.

We had some phone service just after the storm passed, but it promptly went down until just now. We did have some cell service today though.

I have many pictures. I'll post some of them soon. Many stories to tell.

I'm going to bed now. If things hold, I'll try to be back again tomorrow.


Michelle Potter said...

Yay! Glad to hear y'all are ok! I tried to call, but (obviously) your phone was down. ;)

Jubilee on Earth said...

Oh, Julie!! I'm glad everyone is ok. I've gotten behind in my blog reading, so I didn't even know that you were in the thick of things.

Scary stuff!!!! I'm glad you're connected again and all seems to be well. The pictures I've seen so far are unbelievable!

God bless,

YD's a little bit of everything place said...

I'm glad everyone at your household is safe.

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

So, so glad that you are back and a-okay!

Blessings to you!