Saturday, October 25, 2008

This too shall pass...

...and it did.

We were scheduled to have a day of fun with friends new and old at the motocross track today. However, yesterday the hubs was struck with a kidney stone. I believe he was fortunate in that the whole ordeal lasted less than 24 hours start to finish. He may argue that point, but is grateful to have gotten it through. I mean, gotten through it. : )

He is doing just fine again and we look forward to the rain check Evan promised us. We have got to get some more use out of that cute pink helmet!


WendyDarling said...

I am glad that he is doing much better now. I don't envy him the kidney stone, but at least it is over. :-) said...

My friend, Michelle, spent the weekend with her husband while he suffered passing a kidney stone. He was in so much pain!

I'm very glad that your husband is feeling better!

Lacy said...

Sixty-eight comments on your giveaway post -- WOW!

You are amazing!