Thursday, December 11, 2008

Like I said... just never know what you are going to get in Houston.

Last night, we got snow. No, not Buffalo snow, but snow just the same. The kids were over the moon.

Here is snow on my citrus! Yes, it is in the living room.

A handheld snowman.

Make that 2.

When we are in the 70's this weekend, we'll have this to remind us of our snowy adventure.


YD said...

It's all icy here. We had a storm here yesterday into today. It's a little warm for snow but cold enough to freeze. So it's icy everywhere. We had no power since last night and probably won't be for the next day or 2. Just imagine, freezing temp and no electric. Luckyly we have a wood stove and gas stove.

Stephanie said...

I'm jealous! It's just not getting cold here in southern California and by "cold" I mean 50s and 60s. Not cold enough as far as I'm concerned.

Geri said...

Snows great if you're a kid. However, if you have drive it, it's --ll! I used to live in Utah and I just hated it when it snowed and I had to go somewhere.

Tipper said...

Wow snow! I think our weather has been swapped-it's been in the 60s here. Bet the kids enjoyed it!!