Friday, April 3, 2009

Has Your Spring Sprung?

I've read around the blogosphere that many of you have little seedlings doing their thing. We here in Houston and SE Texas are full on into spring.

And let me tell you, it is hard to be a proper Southern lady and keep my white shoes and pants in the closet until after Easter when it comes this late and the weather is this lovely.

I thought I would show you what we have going on in our little patch of earth these days.

The little snapdragons are really going after it.

The fig tree is busting out all over.

The bougainvillea is magnificent, even though you can still see a little burn damage on the leaves from the freezes that we get off and on.

My little cherry tomatoes are setting up nicely.

Although this is not a great picture, my lemon tree is covered in little lemons. If half of them make it, it will be my biggest crop ever.

How does your garden grow?


Tipper said...

Beautiful pics!! I can't believe how much farther along your stuff is than ours!! Still too cold to plant my tomatoes outside here-but Spring is Springing-just slower than at your house : )

YD said...

Very nice pictures! I can't believe you already have some tomatoes. It's still too early here to plant outside. Can never trust March & April. We could get really nice weather(which we've been getting) and all of a sudden we'll get frost and it'll kill everything planted.