Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He was riding a bicycle with training wheels at age 2.

He was riding a 2-wheeler at age 4.

Now this.

He's down to one wheel.

I guess he'll be walking soon.


L said...

Quick note: This was taken on the second day he had tried to ride the thing. If it has wheels, we just fit.

Buck said...

Once he is old enough to drive a car, this will all be good training for him. When he disobeys the "house rules" it will give him a variety of alternative modes of transportation upon which to fall back on! :-)

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts: First, the logical next step after a unicycle is levitation. My experience with them is you have to ALMOST be there to ride one.
Second, unicycles will never be practical 'til they have them in ten-speeds or, better yet, recumbents.

Maybe the folks at Segway can work on that.


Tipper said...

YAY you're back!! I didn't know-but now I'm caught up on all your summer fun-and excitment.

Love the new look too!

Julie said...

Thanks, Tipper. I'm still trying to get in a groove.

~Molly~ said...

Oh my gosh, your blog is fabulous!!! I found you this morning from Blind Pig & The Acorn. We are also homeschoolers(well, unschoolers actually) living in east Texas. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can find you easier.*G*