Friday, September 4, 2009

Garden Update

Well, the garden is starting to take shape. I added a few broccoli plants, a couple of cauliflowers, and a cabbage.

I have about given up on corn. Only four came up and only two of those are of any decent size. I replanted in the four squares that didn't even come up, but once again - nothing. Someone may have had a hand in their demise.

I planted some corn during the spring and ended up with two rotted, stunted ears. Corn may not be my thing.

The cucumbers are getting going. There are even the beginnings of buds.

The beans, though looking anemic and quite pitiful, are growing pretty well and starting to bloom. I hope to see some little beans soon.

You can see my neighbors pool through the fence. It is a saltwater pool with a little fountain. I have noticed that sometimes my car gets sprayed over the fence. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps my little beans may be suffering from some saltwater exposure. : (

It's still early yet. All my babies are being nourished with John's Recipe. I'll keep you posted.

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Buck said...

Same story over here with the corn, when we had a garden. However, tomatoes, Kentucky Wonder beans, Philippine String Beans, carrots and potatoes worked great. Brussel sprouts worked OK, as did leafy lettuce. The tomatoes we couldn't get them to stop growing. Had to beat'em with a stick!

As for weeding? A Black & Decker Weed Eater does a great job. It was responsible for the demise of a few plants when the operator took his eye off of things momentarily. But it kept the garden looking neat.