Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall Garden Update

Well, it's a pretty sad state of affairs. The beans are all gone. The squashes are all gone. The tomatoes are all stunted save this one volunteer that came up in a pot.

This is a pitiful broccoli plant after living in my garden for many weeks. It's not dead, but it has hardly grown at all.

The herbs are doing OK, but they always do.

I did manage to harvest 5 lemons. They aren't the monster Ponderosa lemons I got last year. These are Meyer's, but they are pretty good sized.

I also got 4 satsumas. The tree is a dwarf. I don't know if a dwarf tree makes a smaller fruit than a full-sized tree. but these were pretty small. I would have had a few more, but the furry freeloaders stole some.

They stole a few limes, too.

The limes are very small. I believe the variety is called Thornless Mexican Lime. I got quite a few of them for the small tree that it is though. Maybe 20.

And of course, the habanero plant is still going wild.

The hubs made his first batch of sauce with these bad boys a few nights ago. I got him started with the carrots, onions, and garlic. As soon as he started blending the peppers, I had to retire to the second floor. The fumes were positively deadly. He likes it though. Go figure.

And the Japanese beetles got the pecans!

And the chickens have been molting! No eggs.

It's been a rough fall for food production.

Hope you had better luck that we did.


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Sorry about your fall garden. What is it with this year? So terrible. At least something did good, like the peppers. I love habanero peppers as well!

Michelle at #!/usr/bin/mom said...

Aw, so sorry, Julie! Hope next year goes better!

Buck said...

My, what pretty hands you have, Grandma!

We need to talk fruit trees. Wife wants one or two.