Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday


Goodness. This week has flown by. Partly because I spent part of it still recovering from my whatever you want to call it. I proudly announced Monday that I was going to live and was definitely all but over it. I went to bed, snuggled myself down, and promptly clogged up and started coughing. I ultimately had to isolate myself in the den to cough the night away. I greeted the morning not ill, but terribly sleep deprived. I still sleep sitting up but am otherwise claiming victory.


I know that I will get absolutely no sympathy from those of you in latitudes farther north, but I'm about tired of this and am ready for some spring. They are predicting more cold weather for next week! We have been gray and rainy and just a little too chilly all this week. And now it is supposed to be freezing again. I'm going to go strangle that stinking ground hog.


I'm doing better. I'm not doing best, but I'm doing better. I'm being more careful about what I eat and how much of it I eat. I have already dropped a couple of pounds and feel like I am heading in the right direction.


Do you ever play those stupid games on Facebook? I am so obsessive about them. I have just reached a level where I am satisfied with my THIRD FARM. I have 3 stinking farms. I play and level up and get everything I want and then...what. I can't delete them. I've worked too hard on them. They aren't worthy of my obsession anymore. And my crazier and more dedicated friends continue to send me gifts. I hate to just delete them, but I have no desire to spend any more time on the farms. Oh, and I have a 4th farm that I got so I could be someone's neighbor. I refuse to look at it. Or my fish tank. Or my amusement park. I set them up to help out someone, but I won't be roped in. I won't. I'm done. Well, except for my cafe. : )


I'm working on my second installment of "what's for dinner". I am once again making a list of the dinner possibilities that are currently possible given what is available in my fridge and cabinets. It worked really well over the last 2 weeks. With leftovers I was even able to stretch it a couple of extra days. I'm on a roll.


I got to go to both the makeup and the live session of Bible Study this week. I think this is going to be a good study for me right now. There is homework this time, so, of course, I am already behind. That's not good, but I can keep doing the homework after the live sessions are over. The homework is the best part of the study. It's intense. There is a lot of looking up scripture and a lot of questions, but I really enjoy it. Good stuff that Bible. You should read it.


We never buy anything new. Well, almost nothing. Nothing significant anyway. We bought this wiz bang neato sewing machine a few years back. All computerized with all the bells and whistles. It uses computer cards and does embroidery. We could have purchased a scanning tool at the same time for a considerable amount that would have essentially given me limitless possibilities for embroidery patterns. We didn't though. I didn't really feel like I wanted or needed it at the time.

Well, that was then and this is now. Today UPS delivered a big brown box full of possibilities. We purchased a never been used scanning set up. We had a request from the scout troop to make customized neckerchiefs. Perfect excuse to upgrade the sewing center. I'm not sure what else we'll use it for, but now that it's here I'm going to have to try out its capabilities.

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Have a great weekend!


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Whatever it was that you got I hope that it's gone soon. I had that similar sickness about 3 weeks ago and I too had to isolate myself because of the cough.

Michelle Potter said...

"Good stuff that Bible." Yes, it is!

Awesome about your new sewing toy! My mom has one of those fancy machines, but I don't think she has the scanner. Still, she makes all the coolest little things for the kids! :)

Karen G said...

I like the "What's for dinner" concept - I should work on that. I have had a terrible last 32 hours with food...I'm banking on tomorrow being a new and better day. High five on your progress!!

Tipper said...

Sorry to hear you're still feeling bad : ( But the new scanner sounds like lots of fun : ) Summer surely will come eventually-I'm beginning to look for it too.