Friday, September 17, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 16


I'm still not over the whole Dr. Pepper incident. I may have to go get one today.


I have a fully decorated Christmas wreath hanging in my living room. It has been there for days. I am waiting for my business cards and giant postcard mailers to come in. I am hoping to be wildly busy with Christmas decorations in the next few weeks.

I've been putting together a web site for the business and have been overwrought by the fact that I don't have more pictures of things I have done in the past. I know I took pictures. At least, I thought I did. I've done some really cool things. Some huge things! I can only find shots of the most basic examples of my work. It's been frustrating.


The habaneros are still coming in, but I have totally dropped the ball on a fall garden. I have a tomato plant a friend gave me 2 weeks ago still sitting on my kitchen window sill. I may go grab a couple of broccoli just for fun, but it's doubtful there will be much to report in the way of produce. I have decided to devote some of the weekend to tending to the yard. I didn't water enough during the dry summer. Some of the plants are a bit crunchy and need some looking after. Oops.


Stay tuned. I have asked one of my favorite people in the world to do a guest post soon. She has recently started her own food blog. I'm sure she will treat us to something very tasty. Be on the lookout.


Hubs and I have been playing Scrabble together online. It's about the only way I'm ever going to get him to play Scrabble with me. I love board games. The girl likes them, but only certain ones. The boy goes through phases when he really likes them and then doesn't want to have anything to do with them. I pretty much only get to play them with my BFF or if there is a hurricane.

Anyway, playing online is different than playing at a table. You can try different letter combinations that you would never try if you were using tiles and a board. I have played words that I didn't know were words simply because it is so easy to type and check to see if you might have accidentally made a word. I would like to think it is expanding my vocabulary, but I know better.


What do you all do to check on all of the blogs you read? I have always used Bloglines. No, it's never been particularly reliable or great, but it's what I started with and I am a creature of habit. I am forced to find something to replace it though. Bloglines is shutting down on October 1st. Any suggestions as to what I should use?


We have had NetFlix for quite awhile now. It's been great. We recently set it up on the Wii. Now we can watch from their "Watch Instantly" menu right on the TV. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

The kids have been glued to the TV for over a week now. My son is a little more diversified. He likes to watch documentaries on weapons and sea life. But the vast majority of shows they are watching are animated and stupid. I have let it go thinking that it was a novelty and therefor a little exciting, but when the newness wore off they would get back to life as we knew it. I may have to intervene. It is taking too long.

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Have a great weekend.


Nancy W-G said...

Your writing is amazing! I love this.

Julie said...

Well, thank you. I didn't know you visited my corner of the Internet. Welcome.

Sarah said...

I feel your pain on the fall garden. I just tilled it all up and am letting the chickens clean it out till winter.

I play Words With Friends with my husband on our iPhones. I love experimenting with words, too. It's enlightening!

I'm lazy and just use the Blogger Dashboard. I need to change, too.

Great post!!