Monday, September 20, 2010

We Have Turned a Corner

They say there are two seasons in Houston: August and the rest of the year. I don't quite hold to that, but I understand the sentiment. It is generally pretty warm here with August usually unbearably hot. Temperatures in the 90's continue until September. Until.

I think today marks our until. We had a little front blow through today. It brought a little rain. Very little. But it brought with it the coolest most refreshing breeze.

Though still mostly green, the leaves have started to fall off the pecan trees. Fall is here.

We don't get brilliant colors here unless we get a surprise freeze early on. Last year was pretty. We had an unusually cold winter and the trees treated us because of it.

But our usual change of seasons is subtle yet noticeable. I don't mind that really. That's sort of how I like my change. Subtle yet noticeable. I'm not much for big whirlwinds of obnoxious, life-altering change. Sometimes that's how changes come though.

So today I am enjoying the change of seasons. The subtle change. And wondering if there is a bigger one on its way.

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