Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Still Waiting

Have you seen the new Sun Chips bag? It's supposed to be compostable. When placed in an active compost pile, it is supposed to break down in about 14 weeks.

I bought a bag of them this summer. They were quite tasty. Now, granted, I don't have much of a compost pile. It doesn't get enough sun or water, but it is plenty hot around here. It's mostly a place where I place yard waste and stuff I clean out of the chicken house. I dutifully put my bag out there and covered it up and waited.

That was at least 12 weeks ago. Maybe more.

I dug it up last week and looks what I found.

I don't know if a lot happens in those last 2 weeks, but so far the bag looks pretty much the same as when I buried it.

I left it out there to give it another chance. We'll see.

Anybody else have an experience with these bags?


The Hunter's Wife said...

Wondering what happens when you leave it in your cabinet for that long? lol

Sarah said...

I read somewhere that it only composts in two weeks under "ideal, controlled conditions." Basically, in an environment set up by the company so that the bag will decompose in two weeks. Go figure.

WendyDarling said...

LOL... did you see this? ;-)

Julie said...

I did, Wendy. I think they need to do some more work on the whole bag issues.