Thursday, August 11, 2011

As I sit in air conditioned comfort eating an organic salad while my children watch cartoons on Netflix

While I love potstickers, I'm not sure that I want them to be my legacy.

Hello, invisible friends. It has been many months since I have shown my face around these parts. My apologies. Not sure if or when I will ever get back to this. Life keeps getting n the way.

I just read this post of Missy's over at It's Almost Naptime and decided that I would much rather have this be something left on my wall than the potstickers. Not that the potstickers aren't great. They are. Go make some at your earliest convenience. But if God places these people on your heart, go visit this website and make a donation.

Take it away, Missy:

Many of you may not be aware because it has gotten little press over here, but Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are currently experiencing the worst drought and famine in decades - yes, even worse than Feed-the-world-let-them-know-it's-Christmas-time time.

A couple of weeks ago I read this article, and the images have haunted my motherheart ever since:

There are harrowing stories of people who have made the journey to Dadaab [a refugee camp in northern Kenya]. Some are raped and robbed along the way, others are chased by hyenas. One woman had six children, all of them too frail to walk. She was determined to get them to the camp, so she carried them two at a time, shuttling back and forth for the others she had left behind.

Another couple walked for 22 days with their sick baby daughter – no sooner had they arrived at the camp than the child died.

Africa is complicated. Foreign aid is complicated. But if I were feeding my children mud I wouldn't give a care about political theories.

Several adoptive families have banded together to help. Please visit their website and please donate to one of the organizations they have links to.

Adoptive Families for Famine Relief

Note: You are welcome and encouraged to copy this post in its entirety on your blog.


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you are more than potstickers. ;0)

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