Thursday, May 31, 2007

Out of Control

There is a certain peace in having no control over anything. God has been working on my ability to be patient for a long time. Say, almost 44 years. I have not mastered it by any stretch of the imagination, but I continue to amaze myself during this whole farm process.

First, God put it on our hearts to move to the country. Then he patiently waited for several years until we were really sold on the idea. To the point that I had almost begin to wonder if we were really supposed to move. Then He provided a made to order place for us to go. We had each been praying specifically for different things. This property has all of that and more.

Now, the best part of all of this is that there was very little we could do to make this happen. It either would or it wouldn't. No amount of worrying or stressing would do anything to further acquiring this property. We put in our bid and waited.

We are still waiting. I mean, our bid was accepted, financing has been secured, but now there are issues with the title. They were supposed to be worked out by today, but we have heard nothing. That is pretty par for this course. We have had to wait what seems inordinately long for every step of this process. We still don't have a closing date set.

The point of all of this is - I'm fine with that. I knew from the beginning that if this was the place God wanted for us to have, He was going to have to take care of it for us. So far, He's doing just fine. I can't do anything to further this process. He's in charge, I'm not. And I am cool with that. I find that I even like it.

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