Friday, June 1, 2007

Top Ten

Top ten things I won't miss about living here:

10. Bulldozers tearing down every house in the neighborhood, usually early in the morning.
9. Cars going down the street booming bass so loud that it shakes the house.
8. Traffic
7. The bald transvestite who walks down our street every night in a tutu. (OK, I may miss him a little, but I won't miss trying to hide him from the kids.)
6. Taking 30 minutes to drive 5 miles.
5. The middle school kids that walk home in the afternoon past our house.
4. Did I mention traffic?
3. The drunk teenager that rides around the neighborhood on his bicycle.
2. Road construction - EVERYWHERE!!!

And the number one thing I won't miss about living here......
1. The ridiculous property taxes.

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