Friday, June 22, 2007


Today was a feed store day. I love going to the feed store. We actually have two nearby. They are little oases in a sea of townhomes. They are real honest to goodness feed stores right in the middle of town. They have not only plants, feed and the like, but also puppies, kittens, chickens (both large and small), ducks (both large and small), and the occasional turkey or guinea fowl. Once they had a donkey. If I take the kids, we never get out of there in less than 30 minutes what with all the bunny petting and duckling holding that goes on. Oh, and the begging and pleading for such NOW. They can't wait any longer. Funny, but they seem to survive the waiting just like I do.

I had to get dog food, chicken feed, and hay. Just regular old hay, but we need it to line the chicken's laying box. They like it best and it is fun to buy hay. I just throw it in the back of the van. Carpet and hay do not get along. The back end of the van is now dripping in hay. What else I can I do now? I really am going to have to get a pick up truck though.

After I got it all home, I filled up the hay box. Muffin immediately came to check it out. I guess everyone likes a freshly made bed. Now they need to fill it up with eggs!

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Beth said...

I remember, as a child, "helping" grandma and grandpa gather the eggs. They had 2 long hen houses. One was a 2-story! & one was smaller. The chickens roamed everywhere but had the nicest nesting areas filled with hay. We gathered the eggs every morning about 11, took them to the screened-in back porch, washed them, graded them by size, boxed them & took most of them to the Farmer's Market to sell. As I grew old enough to do this by myself during the summers I loved it, except when there would be a big ole chicken snake on the nest!! Man could I scream and run!!!! We also had a big Jersey Dairy so there was lots going on all the time and lots to learn. Living in the country is good for kids. See.. I'm a country gal who moved to this BIG CITY. I think you'll love the country.