Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Close Call

We were stupid today. Fortunately, there weren't tragic consequences.

Some of Sweetie Boy's friends stopped by to drop off a video game thing he left at their house yesterday. They wanted to see the new chicken. Next thing I knew, their mother and little sister were also in the yard. The kids were running around, I was chatting with mom, little sister was screaming about one thing or the other. Then we all decided at the same time that we needed to part ways. They had to get going and I had to go get Sweetness Baby Girl. We ran in the house to wash hands and say good-bye. I jumped in the car and headed out.

About halfway there is occurred to me that we had not put Muffin away. Sweetie Boy had decided to stay home, so I called him to check on her. He ran outside. He had let his in the house, but the other dog was outside. She had just gone under the house and hadn't figured out that there was a free chicken in the yard. He put Muffin away and all was well.

Whew. Losing Muffin would have been too much to take right now.

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Michelle Potter said...

Oh no! Glad it turned out ok!