Monday, July 9, 2007

Sign Here, Please

We signed new contracts today. Since the sellers asked for them this morning, we assume that they have signed them, too. We will find out for sure tomorrow. That just means that they will no longer be "fielding calls" about the property. We can hopefully get a survey done here in the next week or so and then set a closing date. Yea! We may make it there yet.

In other news, the chicken that remains nameless is having trouble settling in. Maybe some kind soul out there can help her with an identity. (See yesterday's post.)


Anonymous said...

your new chicken reminds me of the beautiful skies that develop at sunset after a thunder storm- the sun shines through broken rain clouds which makes the colors very intense and dramatic

Michelle Potter said...

I asked Anna for a suggestion for your chicken, but all she could come up with was "Hen," or "Lassie." ;) Maybe this is why we've had three dogs named Spot and a toad named Toadie?

Congrats on another step forward with the house. :)