Sunday, July 8, 2007

Name That Chicken

We have a new chicken. While we got her to keep Muffin company, Muffin is none too thrilled with her right now. Last I checked, Muffin was standing, not sitting, in the nest as if to claim it as hers. I hope she settles in soon.

This poor little chicken is a little shell shocked right now. I don't know if she has ever set her little chicken feet in grass before today. She came from the feed store. She certainly isn't comfortable being handled by humans. The man who took her from the cage she was in grabbed her by the wings while she squawked loudly. Muffin sits down whenever I come near her. She knows she will be picked up and probably cuddled. I hope this one gets used to us soon.

In the mean time, she needs a name. This picture does not do her justice. She is a lovely dark chicken. When the sun hits her back, it is a nice green color. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. We can't have a chicken without a name.

1 comment:

J. A. said...

Love your new chicken! So she's green and brown? Maybe call her "Andes" after the know, chocolate and green mint. Hee.

I think she looks like a Scarlett. As in O'Hara. She's got those dark feathers and an attitude. Just don't try to dress her in curtains.