Friday, July 6, 2007

Guess what happened today

It rained! A lot!

I know this is not particularly clear, but it is our front fence, the ditches in the front yard, and the French drain that feeds from the back fence. When it is dry it is just a little indentation in the grass. Lately, it is a flowing river.

Guess what else happened. We got word that the appraisal is done! And, it came back sufficient for the loan! We are still waiting for one more piece of paperwork that should be in by Monday. That is good news.

The mortgage broker said that we now need a new contract. The one that we signed previously (the one that has technically expired) is no longer valid. If there is no one else interested in the property, that should be no big deal. If there is, the seller could decide to entertain their offers. We really don't know.

We covet your prayers for the next couple of weeks. The pace should really start picking up here in the next week or so, provided it is still a go. I will keep you posted. Keep checking on us.

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J.A. said...

CONGRATS!!!! Decided to check out your blog to see if there was any news. So excited for you guys!