Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Little Yard Work

It hasn't rained yet today, so Muffin and I worked in the yard for a bit. If you have never weeded with a chicken before, you are missing out on a treat. Especially when it is in the front bed.

She was very helpful in digging in the loose soil. She got more than her share of earthworms. She even ate the seeds off of some of the weeds that had gotten a little taller than they should. I was sad we didn't find any grubs for her. I know she would have enjoyed that.

The mailman came by and asked if she was a member of the family. I couldn't believe that he had never seen her before. He didn't even know we had chickens. We are on a first name basis with our mailman. The kids always run out to get the mail personally whenever they see him coming. He seemed tickled that we had chickens.

Then there was the man who was trying to drum up business for a window washing company. He wanted to know if that was a rooster I had there. City folk.

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