Monday, July 2, 2007

The Pharmacy Grows

We made a run to the feed store today. We checked out some new chicks to replace Pooh and got the wormer for Muffin.

Thankfully, the medicine for Muffin is also given to her in her water. Also thankfully, Lar is good at math. These medicines have instruction like, "to medicate 100 chickens...." It requires higher math to reduce that down to one chicken. Now I have 2 things I never thought I would have: medicine to worm a chicken (or turkey or swine!) and medicine to cure coccidiosis in poultry or cows.

As for the new chicken prospects, we're not sure if we are going to get a few baby chicks or just one big chicken right now. They eat different food and there is a chance that Muffin may bully the babies. She is a sweet chicken generally, but I guess you never really know an animal until you put them in different situations. She has never been around babies. There is that whole "pecking order" thing.

She does seem a little lonely though. Maybe a little bored, too. When I go out to pick figs, she runs around eating the ones that have been thrown on the ground by the birds. When I go sit down, she comes and sits in my lap and makes these cute high pitched cooing sounds that I have never heard her make before. She just snuggles down and sits there for the longest time. I never thought of chickens being particularly snuggly, but she is. We need to get her a friend.


J.A. said... sweet! You chicken loves you! Hope you are doing okay and haven't floated away yet. All this rain sure is getting old.

WendyDarling said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. :-) I grew up in La Porte, just south of Houston. Well, until the 7th grade. :-)

I pray that everything works out soon with the property that you want. ;-)