Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why Sometimes It Is Good to be a Pack Rat

I have a little girl. She is everything a 6 year old should be: pink, fluffy, princessy. She is also a budding artist and crafts person. I should say she comes by it honestly. There wasn't much hope she could be any other way given the parents that she has.

We have had this basket floating around the house for years. Probably longer than she has been here. I have forgotten its origin. She claimed it awhile back. She puts any number of things in it including eggs, puppies, and sweet tarts. The other day she got it in her head that it had to be decorated. After a few days of putting her off, I gave in.

We rummaged through my box of ribbons. Lots of oohs and aahs ended with the decision the pink would be best. Surprise!

But she needed flowers! I have a stash of those, too, but none fit the bill. A quick trip to Michael's and we were ready to begin. OK, it wasn't a quick trip. We went up and down every aisle at least once. Some twice. New projects to think about.

We went home and this is the result of our creative endeavor for the day. I don't know what will be carried around in this object d'art, but it will have to be magnificent!


Michelle Potter said...

Beautiful! I just showed Anna and she is very impressed. :)

Sheila said...

Looks great! I was never that creative as a kid!