Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Digging It

Today we got down and dirty. Muffin and I started by weeding the bed where we are planting our crops. There were no worms and few bugs. I think it must be too hot. They all buried down deeper where it's cooler. It didn't take Muffin long to find herself a nice shady place to scratch out a cool spot.

Yes, those are boxwoods and some liriope that you see. I am planting our crops in the front bed. It is the sunniest spot in the yard. Fortunately, I don't live in a neighborhood where the powers that be will give me a citation for not following the rules. There are no rules! Of course, they would have long since evicted us because of the chickens, so what problem can a small vegetable patch in the front yard be?

Once I pulled out the plants, Muffin got a little more interested in what was going on.

And then I got a little pink help with the planting.

That should make the corn extra sweet.

Today we planted tomato plants and corn and wax bean seeds. According to my gardening book, it is time to get those going for a fall garden. We'll see what happens.

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