Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Getting Started

Today the kids and I went to one of our favorite haunts: the feed store! There were bunnies to hold and a peacock to see. There was a disturbing lack of chickens, but there were some very loud geese.

I picked up some "crops" for our fall garden. I didn't plant anything in the spring because I was sure we were moving. Oh, well. It is almost too late for fall tomatoes, but I got some anyway. I got some seeds for squash. I have never successfully grown a squash. I hear stories of the only reason country folk lock their car doors is because they are afraid someone will leave them a box of zucchini. I would have to leave my doors unlocked in hopes some kind soul with a greener thumb than mine would leave me some. But hope springs eternal, so I will plant again. I can usually coax a few tomatoes from the plants I buy. We have precious little sun in this yard full of pecan trees. I love the trees, but I would also love a little patch that got enough sun grow something yummy. The kids also wanted some flowers. I'm never one to discourage planting and I love flowers, so we will give that a shot, too.

Tomorrow I will probably brave the heat and see if we can get some of this into the ground. I'm sure Muffin will help. I'll keep you posted.

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