Friday, August 10, 2007


Today was a good day. Scarlet laid her first egg. It is a little smaller than Muffin's but just as cute. It was so fun to go out to check for eggs and find two in the nest. I think it is so cool that they just know to lay their eggs in the nest. I hope she keeps it up. Now if I can just get her to warm up to me. It's just not right to have an animal at your house that is afraid of you.


Michelle Potter said...

I hope she warms up to you soon. We recently adopted a dog who was very friendly until we got her home -- now she runs away whenever we get near. It's not fun when your pets are scared of you.

Cenk said...

How lovely it is to eat something so fresh. Lovely blog.

Buck said...

As I was saying, my daughter's dog won't come near me right now either. Not after he was acting up while I was baby sitting him. Granddad got really upset. Combine his acting up with a one hour auto repair job in my driveway that I managed to stretch into a five hour job, only to have it fail again, and now even the wife won't come near me.

What's a guy to do?