Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Home Again

We have been gone a few days. We went to visit Papa, give him his figs, and have a little fun.

We went to one of those pizza places with a fourth level of hell game complex as part of the deal. You know the kind I'm talking about - loud music, flashing lights, lots of beeping, kids running around everywhere. I always want to sit in a corner and rock back and forth while muttering, "Too much input, too much input." I survived and the kids had fun and we have a playground ball to show for our efforts at the video games.

Monday we went to a large and fabulous water park. We slid and floated and splashed and stayed cool in this ridiculously hot weather. While a little toastier than we should be, we even came away with minimal sun damage. Yea!

Now we are home and I am playing catch up. I am using the solar dryer to help me. Might as well make use of the 100 degrees outside and not heat up the house.

Scarlett is still laying eggs. It is good to get 2 a day again.

We even had a few bean plants poking their heads up in the garden. I'll show you when you can tell what they are.

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Buck said...

Yup! I make my better half fix dinner outside on the grill. Chicken, instant mashed potatoes and "whirrled peas" and all. Doiing my part to contribute to the global warming myth.