Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Honey Lamb's Honey

This is Honey Lamb's Honey. They are engaged. She is very sweet. They have been visiting from California for far too short a time and are planning to leave any day now. I'm trying not to think about it.

We have had such fun while they have been here. I have even gotten to enjoy my city a little showing her around. We have seen museums, parks, all the sports arenas, downtown, the ship channel, giant presidential heads, and the feed store. It has been fun. I wonder if it enough to make her feel Texan? : )


Michelle Potter said...

Julie, who is Honey Lamb?

Julie said...

Honey Lamb is my nephew. Well, I guess technically he is my husband's nephew. You probably at least saw him at a dance recital. He started living with us when he was 16. He is now 23 and lives in California. I'll try to get him to sit still long enough to let me take his picture before he leaves.

Michelle Potter said...

Ah, ok, I know who you mean. We did meet him at the recital.