Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I didn't go to a football game

I didn't go to a baseball game. I didn't even go to a concert. I went to Bible Study. BIBLE STUDY, y'all.

Yes, about 4,000 of my closest friends and sisters went to hear Miss Beth speak tonight. This was the third night of the study. By now, things have usually calmed down quite a bit. The overflow decides by the second or third class that it is just too much trouble to fight the crowds and climb the stairs and deal with the parking. Not this time. I had to quite literally walk half a mile from my car to the sanctuary. I parked across the street in a neighboring building's parking garage. Women are coming in droves to hear this woman teach the Word of God.

And she is doing a great job. This is truly an awesome study. I have never studied Esther. In fact, Veggie Tales was probably the most exposure I have had to this book of the Bible. Believe you me, there is way more to the story of this young woman than any group of vegetables could ever tell, no matter how talented they are. And one of Beth's greatest talents is making it relevent to us today. She is truly making it come alive to us.

So next week I will wear sensible shoes and look forward to another great lesson.

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