Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where Babies Come From - Part 1 - A Lesson in Patience and Trust

My son wanted a sibling. He always loved kids and wanted them around. We’d see other families and he would say longingly, “Look, Mommy. They have 3 kids.” But the real journey began one day when we were watching Oprah when he was about 3. She was interviewing the McCauley septuplets. He stood in front of the TV in amazement watching all the babies running around. After standing there stunned for some time, he announced, “I want a baby. One baby.”

Now pregnancy was not something I had ever been good at. We had tried unsuccessfully for years to conceive when we were gifted with our son through the generosity and obedience to the Lord’s urging of a very special young woman. I had since conceived twice, both pregnancies ending in miscarriage. I said the only thing I knew to say to him, “Let’s pray about it.”

It wasn’t something he gave up on. He thought about it constantly and we prayed about it often. He is a very social child. He wanted someone else around. It was something that was beyond my control. I had to leave it in God’s hands.

Part 2

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