Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tis the Season

I haven't been around here much lately. I have been being a social butterfly and getting cultured. Not the buttermilk/yogurt kind of culture. The "taking in the arts" kind of culture.

Saturday we had some dear friends over we hadn't seen in a month of Sundays. It was a lovely quiet evening. One we must do again sometime soon. K?

Sunday the hubs and I went to the symphony. We saw A Very Merry Pops. It did put me in a more holiday mood. We got our share of intellectual humor while we were there. It is not the kind of humor that we are most often treated to. It has its own special charm and I enjoyed it immensely.

I think Monday was a try and catch up day. I didn't, so don't get all excited.

Tuesday the girl and I went to the Nutcracker. It was a special girl night. We had a wonderful time. The theater is amazingly beautiful. We got all dressed up and had fun looking at everyone else who was all dressed up. Can I just tell you how excited she is about this little dress? You see, Barbie has one very similar to it. She feels very pretty in it. What do you think?

And tonight we had Aunt Sarah over for dinner. I feel just awful. She has lived here for 2 years and tonight we realized she had never been to our home during the Christmas season. Well, she had been here when I was working and had piles and piles of wreaths all over the house, but she had never seen our house decorated for Christmas. I guess I do it for her, too. She oohed and ahed and made me feel like I'm not the only nut for Christmas.

Many of you have heard me speak of Aunt Sarah, but have never taken a gander at her. Well, here she is.

The boy had to pull out his latest car magazine and tell her all about the newest models. And a few older models. Doesn't she look enthralled?

I hope everyone else is enjoying the Christmas season as much as we are. What are you all doing?


B and S said...

K !! :-)

That was soooo nice we really enjoyed the evening.

Oh goodness, what a marvelous picture of you and "the frog". Such a cutie. Both of you. :-)

What are we doing? Sally is enjoying vacation and wrapping gifts. I couldn't stand all of my blue icycle christmas lights (which are hanging along the roof overhang out front) loosing all of their blue paint. So I went to Texas Art Supply, bought some transparent blue, acrylic paint and painted each light. I think there are over 1000. Now they look like they should --- blue. Very pretty!

If you have a copy of the old Lessons and Carols tape, I find that helps move me toward the Christmas Spirit. Its been tough over here too.

Thanks for the visual of Aunt Sarah. Looks like she had a great time. As we did.

B (and S)

Anonymous said...

Do you guys have a phone? What might be your phone number?

Your email bounced back as undeliverable.



Julie said...

Painting every bulb!? Are you out of your mind? You have a lot more patience (and time) than I have.

Maria said...

Oh, I love that post! Great photos. Have a very Merry Christmas!