Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wrapping Made Easy

I promised you crafts and haven't delivered. Sorry. We have been busy. But today I will try to redeem myself by showing you how we do most of our wrapping.

The grown-ups in our family don't get Christmas presents as such. We make goodie bags for everyone. They might have baked goods or little trinkets in them. Just a little something so everyone feels loved and festive. The kids and I started making bags a couple of years ago to hold all of this merriment. It's simple, fun, and looks really cute.

We start with plain shopping type bags. We cut out some construction paper in the colors of our choice and we get some kind of foamy stickers.

Of course, you will need your handy dandy glue sticks.

This year we went with brown bags, pink, blue, and white construction paper, and pink, blue, and white stickers. Last year we did white bags, red and green paper, and gingerbread men. The possibilities are endless!

Then you must enlist the aid of some cute little hands to start putting on the paper.

We do this assembly line fashion. It doesn't take more than a few minutes to do it.

Add a few stickers, and this is what you end up with. What this bag needs is a tag.

Cut out some smaller pieces of paper, add and sticker and a name and - voila! Instant cute.

Now fill your bag, add some tissue, and you have a darling gift that says and Merry Christmas! OK, it doesn't really say Merry Christmas. Bags don't talk. But you can say it and they will still be impressed.

Merry Christmas!!

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Buck said...

Way cool!! You are soooo creative !!

B and S :-)