Thursday, February 21, 2008

It is something we have talked about for a long time.

We finally decided to do it. Inspired by Shannon's adventures in Uganda with Compassion, we have decided to sponsor a child.

I looked through the photos of children waiting for a sponsor and this little girl jumped out at me.

Isn't she wonderful?

She is now, at least partially, our responsibility to help make it to adulthood in the impoverished area in which she was born. We will pray for her, write to her, and send monthly support to help her have access to schooling, better nutrition, medical care, and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I used to want a houseful of children. I know now that is not God's will for me. I am grateful that I can call one more "my own". I so look forward to getting to know her and watching her grow each year. My little Missy is already trying to decide on the perfect first gift to send her. It's almost like having the sister she has wanted for so long.

Go take a look at some of the faces over at Compassion. See if one jumps out at you. Wouldn't it be cool to change someone's life for the better?


Jubilee on Earth said...

How awesome is that? My hubby and I just signed up to sponsor a child in Zambia through our church. I can't wait to get information!

Thanks so much for coming by and leaving all of those great comments. I have a log of blog-reading to catch up on, and your meme looks fun! Although I'm not so sure I can do it. I work in a world where copyright is our life (I'm in the publishing industry) and my co-workers would never let me hear the end of it if I posted some Google images to my blog. I'll take a rain check, and do the next meme that comes your way.

Take care! I'll be reading this weekend... and thanks for putting your thinking cap on about my Bible Giveaway. I thought about joining some Yahoo or Google groups.


Carolyn F said...

She's beautiful! I sponsored my first child from Compassion this week too, and my information packet arrived today!

Michelle said...

How wonderful. Mark's parents sponsored a child. It's definitely something we've talked about.